Dine in style on Shangani's Secret Beach


We have found a beautiful beach, which we call "Shangani's Secret". This is on one of the many islands in southern Phang Nga Bay. It is a beautiful sweep of soft sand, clear water, and the shade of many tropical trees. The water is wonderful for swimming, as there are no rocks under water, just sand.

The reason we keep it a "secret" is that Phuket is getting more and more popular with tourists from around the world, and there are a huge number of speed-boats taking day-trippers out to different islands, which makes them crowded, and then they lose all their appeal as deserted beaches. This is a lovely area, and if we keep the location a secret, there will be no other tourists, only the monkeys in the trees, and the buffalo in the clearing behind, and of course you and your family and friends.

We anchor off this lovely beach for picnics, beach dining, barbecues and sunset drinks. We have a store on the island where we keep equipment for dining, barbecues etc, and we have staff there to set it all up for us, as Shangani approaches, and clear it all away after Shangani has left to continue her cruise.

We also have a range of beach games, such as Volley ball, Badminton, football and frisbee, cricket, table tennis. Not forgetting the kayaks which can be used to explore the small inlets and mangroves at one end of the beach. See here for a range of new "toys" we have on the beach now, your choice to use or not.

You will arrive at this beautiful spot and find that all the tables and chairs are set up under the trees on the beach, and the two big BBQs will be smoking.  We can seat up to 50 guests! The nets for volley ball and badminton will be set up, as well as our two water jacuzzis with their floating bars attached. Ice boxes full of beer and crisp Sauvignon Blanc. Our crew will make sure this will indeed be a memorable day for you.

Shangani will anchor off this beach and we will ferry you ashore by dinghy - where you can relax, play games, swim, and enjoy a delicious mix of Thai fusion with salads and and spiced peri peri treats from the BBQ

As well as our tables and chairs for your dining , we have hammocks under the big shady trees and ten big chairs to relax and watch the games, not to mention our two floating jacuzzis where can watch the fun from the cool water. When its time to go, the crew will ferry you back to the yacht, and our beach staff will take care of the rest while you enjoy your sunset cruise back to the marina, followed by your transfer back to your hotel.

We can only use this beach during the high season, the prevailing winds prevent it's use during the low season, but we have other beautiful beaches we can visit.