The Secret Beach


Leap into the water or slide right off the top deck of the boat

Our main feature, and unique among yacht charters in this area, is that we have our own beach on a beautiful island in Phang Nga Bay.  Guests can dine in style,  just relax and swim, or have fun with some of the large selection of beach "toys", entertainment and games.  A perfect way to celebrate a wedding, hen/stag party, corporate event, or just for a group of friends to have fun.

Guests on board Shangani, Sanyati and Shashani will have the beach to themselves, and can use all of our beach "toys" and entertainment.  All this is for just you and your family and friends, nobody else uses this lovely island beach. Our yacht chef will prepare a sumptious BBQ and Thai-fusion meal on the beach, served  in style with cutlery, linen napkins, glassware and crisp white table cloths.

Our ¨secret ¨beach is a beautiful sweep of of sand, totally rock-free for swimming, even at low tide, and lined with dense tropical trees which give wonderful shade.  The boat Captain will radio ahead when approaching the beach, so the island staff will have everything prepared for your arrival, the BBQs smoking, dining tables in place, beach games set up, all the "toys" prepared.  When its time to weigh anchor and leave the island, the crew will ferry you back to the yacht, and our beach staff will take care of the rest while you enjoy your sunset cruise back to the marina, or continue your cruise to other islands for snorkelling and sight seeing. For more details see Day Cruise for Large Groups

Due to the prevailing winds in the low season, we can only use this lovely island beach between October and May.

Everyone loves the two water-jacuzzis, complete with floating bars, so you can pull up an ice cold beer or chilled soft drink, whenever you want!     Our crew keep these replenished all the time.     What could be better? There is also a rustic bar under the trees.

Then we have many different varieties of  beach games - such as Volley ball, Badminton, Football and Frisbee, Beach Cricket and Table tennis - even Mahjong!   Not forgetting the kayaks which can be used to explore the small inlets and mangroves at one end of the beach, or kayak back to the boat any time. We even have SUPs, (stand up paddle boards) the latest craze.

On our beach, we have built a natural bar, set in the shade. So sit round the bar and yarn away or relax in the many hammocks, (theres a swing there too for the children)  - or relax in our big beach loungers.

Our 5 star yacht chef, will cook you a wonderful feast on the BBQ, whether for lunch or for your evening dinner. We have tables and seating for up to 60 people on the beach. There are two toilets hidden in the trees behind the beach.

This beach is magic at night. Peaceful and away from the crowds, you can dine in style with only the sound of lapping water to accompany the delicious array of dishes that our chef will serve you.

The crew will set up a beach bonfire, something everyone loves, to sit around after dinner with a nice glass of wine and reflect on the day.  There is nothing more beautiful than sitting with your toes in the sand, dining by candle-light under the stars.

Or you can party the night away on the beach, with fabulous music of your choice (you can plug in your own i-pods) You can buy drinks and cocktails from our rustic island beach bar, served by our crew.

      See our list af cocktails and drink prices.


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Shangani anchored off the Secret Beach